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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Limited Liability Company “EVI & JO”, registration number: 42103025250, legal address: Tirgus Street 10, Durbe, Durbes County, LV-3440 (hereinafter – “EVI & JO”) has undertaken to protect the privacy of customers. In accordance with this, we have prepared the principles of the Privacy Policy, which apply to the collection, use, publication, transfer and storage of customers’ personal data. Our operation on the web takes place in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia, as well as relevant legal acts of the European Union. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy.

1. Collection and use of personal data

Personal data is considered to be information obtained by “EVI & JO” with the consent of an individual in order to fulfill the terms of the concluded agreement or to further contact this individual.

The acquisition of customers’ personal data can take place as follows:

  1. providing contact information (including your name, personal identification number, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address, preferred method of communication) on our website or elsewhere;
  2. from the client’s account on the website durbesveltes.lv or using cookies;
  3. When making purchases, placing orders in our online store, providing contact information or saving missing information in order to indicate the preferred way of making a purchase, EVI & JO may require voluntary provision of personal data or personal information on certain pages of the website. The required personal data may be your name, postal code, e-mail address, telephone number and other information.

2. Obtaining other news

We also collect anonymous information, ie information that is not relevant to a specific person (information about gender, age, dominant language, location) that is not directly or indirectly identified.

We may also collect general information about customer activity in our stores and website. This information is collected and used so that we can provide customers with information about which products, services and sections attract the most interest. General information in this Privacy Policy is used as anonymous information.

3. Use of the obtained client’s personal data

Using the collected personal data, we can inform “EVI & JO” customers about upcoming events, campaigns and news.

Customers who do not wish to receive our latest newsletter or information about products that may be of interest to them can delete their name from the audience list at any time.

We use the obtained personal data to deliver goods and fulfill the obligations set out in the agreements signed with customers.

For better customer service, “EVI & JO” may disclose information about individual customers to third parties who provide services to “EVI & JO” and who are bound by a non-disclosure agreement and data processing terms.

Third parties include, for example, our partners who are responsible for delivering goods purchased online, providing a payment service or sending informational messages.

The data to be transferred to third parties may be:

  1. For sending informative sms messages – phone number.
  2. Delivery of goods – Name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, delivery address.

4. Transfer of personal data abroad

“EVI & JO” will do its utmost to ensure that when a customer’s personal data is transferred abroad, it is provided with an appropriate level of security.

“EVI & JO” undertakes not to disclose the customer’s personal data to an organization or other person located in a country where an adequate level of personal data protection is not ensured, except in the following cases:

  • the client has agreed to it;
  • the transfer of personal data is necessary in order to enter into an agreement with the client or to fulfill an agreement already concluded with the client;
  • the transfer of personal data is necessary in order to conclude a contract or perform a contract already concluded in the interests of the client;
  • the transfer of personal data is permitted in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations.

5. Changing the obtained client’s personal data

In order to identify the customer and communicate with him, the personal data obtained can be viewed, changed and supplemented on our website durbesveltes.lv.

EVI & JO undertakes to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the obtained personal data of the client.

6. Protection of the Client’s personal data

EVI & JO takes all possible security measures (including administrative, technical and physical) to protect customers’ personal data. Only authorized persons have access to the data processing and modification functions.

7. Access to customers’ personal data

The Customer has the right to receive the following information by submitting a reasoned request in writing:

  • what information about the client has been obtained, the source of data acquisition, when the information included in the data has changed (if the regulatory enactments allow it);
  • for what purpose the processing of personal data was performed, information on the recipients of personal data;
  • information on whether the data has been processed automatically.

8. Use of Internet Protocol addresses

An IP address is a series of numbers that is automatically assigned to a computer each time a user connects to their ISP, and can be used to automatically identify the user’s computer.

The seller may collect these addresses for system administration and website audit purposes. The seller does not intend to add the user’s IP address to his / her personally identifiable information, which means that each user’s session is registered, but the user himself remains anonymous.

Seller may use these IP addresses to identify users of the Site in situations where it is considered necessary to ensure that their conduct complies with the terms of use of the Site or to protect the Website or other users.

9. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that provide information about how often a user visits a website and what exactly the user does during their sessions. Cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information, but if the user provides such information himself, then this information may be combined with the data contained in the cookie.

The seller may place cookies on users’ computer browsers.

10. Security

All personal data of customers that has become known during the visit to the EVI & JO online store and when making purchases there is considered confidential information.

To protect the client’s interests, we provide:

  • fair and lawful processing of personal data;
  • processing of personal data only in accordance with the said purpose and to the extent necessary;
  • a type of storage of personal data that allows the identification of the customer at any given time, which does not exceed the period for which the data processing was originally specified;
  • accurate processing of personal data and their timely updating, correction or deletion if personal data is incomplete or inaccurate.

The Customer has the right to reasonably request that his / her personal data be supplemented, corrected, as well as that the processing of personal data be terminated or deleted if they are obsolete, incomplete, false, unlawfully processed or no longer for the original purpose of data processing.

11. Privacy Policy Terms and Amendments

We assume that you have read and accepted the principles and terms of our Privacy Policy before using our website. We reserve the right to change the main terms of the Privacy Policy by informing all regular customers.

To resolve all issues and problems related to the Privacy Policy or data processing, as well as in cases where the customer wishes to opt out of receiving commercial communications or completely delete their data from their profile, please contact us using the e-mail address evija@lrp.lv.