“Durbes veltes” (“Gifts of Durbe”) is a Latvian food processing enterprise with classical values and traditional methods of preparing food. A small production unit is located in Durbe, on Raiņa Street 47b.

Delicious jams and compotes, spicy salted salads and pickled products are made from food raw materials grown in Latvia.

Some of the fruit, vegetables and berries grow right here in Kurzeme, on local farms or in local forests, and some of them come from other, more distant, places of Latvia. But what they all have in common is the taste that will remind you of your Mother’s or Grandmother’s home-made jams and salads.

The natural taste of fruit and vegetables that are used in our products is preserved as much as possible, no synthetic preserving agents and artificial sweeteners added.

This can be achieved only by using traditional heating methods, meaning that each jar is handmade and prepared with care.

Currently “Durbes veltes” offers five product lines – jams, compotes, vegetable salads, pickled products and fruit and berry wines.  

The variety of fruit and vegetable series of products will become a delicious side dish for any meal. Fruit and berry wines will warm you up on cold nights, but the light birch sap wine will quench your thirst during the hot summer.